Friday, September 2, 2011

Testing web service on SSL in JDeveloper

If you are going to test a web service on SSL in JDeveloper by creating web service proxy, you might get an error saying that no WSDL document found at this location when creating the web service proxy:

There are two approaches to solve this problem:

(1) Access that web service WSDL on SSL in browser, and then save it to local disk.

In the step 3 of creating web service proxy above, click Browse... to pick up that local WSDL file saved.

Then it will be able to go to next step to generate the proxy for this web service.

(2) Using Non-SSL web service WSDL in step 3 above as WSDL Document URL, and then in the proxy wizard, giving the endpoint as the https port.

This will let you create the proxy and you will be hitting the ssl port only in your client call.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda,
Thanks for the information.
I am facing the same error "No WSDL found" while creating a web service proxy.
About the two approaches you suggested, can you please explain the difference between SSL WSDL link and non-SSL WSDL link.