Monday, September 28, 2009

Webcenter Interaction and HTTP Proxy

To make WebCenter Interaction work with the HTTP proxy, you need to make some changes to the configuration files located in <wci_home>/settings.

In configuration.xml, you need to locate SystemProperties and change ServerName and HTTPPort to match your proxy server.

error when installing UCM

When installing the UCM in WinXP, I choosed the language as Chinese and it threw an error with the error code as 1057, which looked like

Error 1057:

After choosing English as its language, it was installed successfully.

Framebusing in ADF

Last time, we did a poc on webcenter 11g. There was a requirement to develop a new function as ADF application, and then integrated it into Webcenter 11g as web page.

When integrating it, it threw the error like this:

Warning: Unable to load content in a frame. Frame content will load at the top level.

After checking , there is a framebusting configuration in web.xml. If you wanna consume your ADF apps in a frame, you have to set it as "never".

Here is an example:


After adding the above configuration in web.xml in your apps, it will be consumed in any other frames successfully.

google map view

The above example from google website for your reference.

Most time we need the below APIs to get the latitude and longitude of a given address:

geocoder.getLatLng(address, ...)

JDeveloper 11g default weblogic user's password

When JDeveloper 11g is installed, once you test your application in default server engine in JDev, JDeveloper will create a new domain "Default Domian" and use the default weblogic server to test the applications developed.

The defaut administrator (weblogic) password for Weblogic Server is "weblogic1".

BTW, the default user and password is located in the file under this folder: ../Application Data/JDeveloper/system11.