Monday, September 28, 2009

Framebusing in ADF

Last time, we did a poc on webcenter 11g. There was a requirement to develop a new function as ADF application, and then integrated it into Webcenter 11g as web page.

When integrating it, it threw the error like this:

Warning: Unable to load content in a frame. Frame content will load at the top level.

After checking , there is a framebusting configuration in web.xml. If you wanna consume your ADF apps in a frame, you have to set it as "never".

Here is an example:


After adding the above configuration in web.xml in your apps, it will be consumed in any other frames successfully.

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rocky said...

We have an existing html web page that has top and bottom frames.
The buttons in the top frame when clicked show the corresponding page in the bottom frame.

Button1 Button2 <<<<< top frame
"Employee Maint" link << bottom frame

In one of these bottom pages, "Employee Maint" link is there. When clicked pulls up a Jdev Application in the bottom frame.
Earlier Jdev/adf app was not showing up in the bottom frame. So "frame buster" was needed. Now it shows ok inside the bottom frame.

But now, after the Jdeveloper page is loaded, when we try to use the "Button1 or Button2" in the top frame to pull up other pages it does not work.
(this could be because of the "frame buster").

This works well in IE but an issue with Safari/Chrome/Firefox.

Is there any solution for this so that the top buttons continue to work even after clicking on the Jdeveloper App.(that uses frame buster)