Monday, July 21, 2008

Domain Value Mapping in BPEL process

As we know, DVM is an important function during data transfer. It can be used not only in ESB project, but also in BPEL Process, even though it has to be defined in ESB Control.

It is invoked by this xpath function 'orcl:lookup-dvm' provided by Oracle.

Here is the example:


There are totally five input params:

1st: DVM name
2nd: Source column name defined in the DVM.
3rd: XPath of source data to be transferred, which will not be wrapped as string. In another word, there is no double quote marks at the begining and end of it. If it uses double quote marks, it means this param is a constant.
4th: Target column name
5th: Default value. If it is from a BPEL variable, please don't quote it with double quote marks.

It is simple, but you have to pay attention to the 3rd and 5th parameters if the value of them are dynamic.

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Sadia said...

Can I use orcl:lookup-dvm function in BPEL in 11G???