Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Logging.xml file got overwritten after managed server restarted

After installing and configuring WebCenter Cluster (admin server and all the managed servers are in seperate boxs), I tried to set custom webcenter application logging configurations to all the managed servers in cluster by manually adding logging settings into $DOMAIN_NAME/config/fmwconfig/servers//logging.xml file.

As expected, the log files defined in that file should be generated automatically after accessing the custom application. But to my surprise the logging.xml file got overwritten (to the original one) right after the managed server restarted.

Finally found the solution in under support id 1335539.1. This issue shows up when admin server is in box1 and managed server is in box2.
The solution is simple. Just modify the logging.xml file of box1 (admin server) and restart other managed servers. The change will propagate to other Boxs where those managed servers are running.

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