Sunday, March 7, 2010

How to recover the administrator password in a WebLogic Domain

To recover the administrator password in a WebLogic domain: (For WL version 9 and higher)

1. At the command line, change directory to the domain and run the setEnv script to set the PATH and CLASSPATH.

2. cd /security

3. mv DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift_BKP

4. run java ./
-above command will Create a new DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift

5. cd <Domain_Name>/servers/AdminServer/data/ldap, mv DefaultAuthenticatormyrealmInit.initialized DefaultAuthenticatormyrealmInit.initialized_BKP

6. Restart the Admin Server.

7. Login with new username/password

* To change the old admin user identity, log into the admin console and change the password from console.

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- mureli - said...

hi brenda,

does this works for WLS 11g?