Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Invoking UCM Secured Web Services in Oracle BPEL

In one case, we had to invoke Oracle UCM Secured Web Services in BPEL.

As usual, i found the UCM web service wsdl first through UCM Administration, for example:

When accessing this URL in browser, it will ask you input the credentials first by poping-up a window, which means this web service is secured.

Then i created a new partner link in BPEL project, copied and pasted this WSDL URL into this new partner link WSDL input, and clicked the Apply button.

Normally it will parse the WSDL and set the partner link type, but this time it reported 401 authorization error.

How to solve this problem?

Here is a tricky way that to open up this WSDL URL in browser first and save it as local file. In partnew link URL, to select this local file, instead of the remote WSDL URL.

Then deploy this BPEL process and run it. It will work properly.

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